Creation is not a theory, it is a dogma

Stabroek News
August 7, 2001

Dear Editor,

Mr Bhulai in his letter of 10th July, 2001 declared, "The Faculty of Natural Sciences of the University of Guyana has accepted creation and evolution as two separate and equally valid scientific theories."

This astonishing revelation must be a source of much embarrassment to most of the teachers and students in the Natural Sciences Faculty. None of the known universities has ever done such a bizarre and absurd thing.

Creation is not a theory, it is a dogma. The Bible clearly states that the Jewish tribal God, Yaweh, created the world including human beings in the space of 6 days just 6000 years ago. To believers, this is not theory, it is fact. For Mr Bhulai and others to attempt to create a theory from this dogma is merely playing variations on the same tune and would be no more than a scientifically fraudulent attempt at a sleight of hand to have this dogma accepted as science.

The Faculty of Natural Sciences needs to immediately put its house in order and declare that it would make no pronouncement on Creation. And if it does make such a pronouncement, such pronouncement should be in consonance with mainstream intellectual trends in the world and in the major universities.

Yours faithfully,
R Edmonds