There is a dearth of leaders

Stabroek News
August 6, 2001

Dear Editor,

As a person cannot function without a brain, a society cannot function without leaders.

Here in this country our social, business, non-profit groups and Government organisations face a leadership vacuum so intense that an implosion is imminent. We ascribe leadership qualities to those in leadership positions, and learn, often too late, that we have credited the incumbents with greater ability, courage, values and principles than they possess.

There are lots of examples of people of high level who do the wrong things well and the right things not at all.

If competence and conscience are to be restored to government, business and society alike, that restoration must start with those who propose to lead our organisations. It must begin with them. Such care and restoration calls for the development of a corporate climate of understanding.

If we don't get leaders to care about the organisation's welfare, and identify with its destiny, many of these organisations could become a place that none of us would like to be responsible for or preside over.

As the quality of leadership declines, the quantity of problems escalate. And if so, we as a nation will continue to decline.
Yours faithfully,

N Osman