Mini-bus conductors dress unacceptably

Stabroek News
July 1, 2001

Dear Editor,

The Traffic Department of the Guyana Police Force should take drastic action against mini-bus conductors who dress in a manner that is offensive to commuters.

In many cases their dress, coupled with their language, is intolerable, not forgetting the loudness of their disco music.

This practice has been overlooked by traffic officers, who are busily engaged in looking for overloads.

A dress that is prevalent is vests, which seems to coincide with their attitude. Commuters have to subject themselves to both verbal and physical abuse from these mini-bus operators.

I have witnessed on several occasions the uncouth and uncivilised behaviour of operators, mostly between the ages of sixteen and twenty- six, and the disrespect shown to elders. It is most unfair to commuters who are not being done a favour by these ruffians, but are an asset to their operations.

A society that hinges on such unethical behaviour is doomed. The societal problem that has made roots in our society in recent years is the mini-buses.

I am positive that the Traffic Chief can solve this problem.

Yours faithfully,
Umar Saied