We have some star performers

Stabroek News
August 2, 2001

Dear Editor,

So far, this has been a good year for Guyana, notwithstanding our erratic political performers. Another Guyanese is captain of the resurgent West Indies cricket team. We have a dynamic world boxing champion and some of our other boxers are among the best in the world.

Guyanese-born Liane Angus almost became Miss USA 2001. Some felt she should have been first instead of first runner up. Former Bee Hive resident Alian Pompey has been running well in international athletic competition. Our superstar Eddie Grant, who is not as highly regarded in Guyana as he is internationally (he is like a prophet unrecognised in his own country, a musical prophet) has made another giant achievement in his international musical career.

Guyanese are getting along nicely in their various fields of positive endeavour. Let the onward, upward movement continue.

Yours faithfully,
Lennox Lancaster