I am very upset at the thought of another protest march

Stabroek News
August 2, 2001

Dear Editor,

I am now frustrated, fed?up and have lost all tolerance. I refer to Mr Desmond Hoyte's plan to protest in the streets of Georgetown once again against police brutality and extra judicial killings. It seems to me as soon as there is stability, and the

economy starts to improve, Mr Hoyte and the PNC/R find something to slow it down.

Mr Hoyte is the Leader of the Opposition in parliament and is supposed to oppose everything (in Parliament) that the PNC/R sees as wrong for Guyanese, regardless of their ethnicity. I am now beginning to feel that Mr Hoyte is interested in one particular ethnic group and as such has become an extremist.

From the 1997 elections to now there were several armed robberies against Indo-Guyanese, more than 27 murders and families badly brutalized. Indo-Guyanese have been beaten and robbed after many street demonstrations.

My point is there has been no call for protests against criminals and the crime that is perpetrated against the police force and Indo-Guyanese, for example a policeman being shot in a police station. At Albion, armed bandits took full control, and many houses were looted and Congress Place did not say a word until the people reacted. Mr Hoyte attended the funeral of the late Linden London (an alleged criminal), why not Beemchand Baran and his seven-year-old son or the late Jagdeo, the father of an eight-month baby and a member of the Assembly of God Church. They were all murdered while trying to put food on the table.

The latest from Congress place is that police killed three Afro-Guyanese in cold-blood and we are going to protest. Is it normal for one to walk around with a sub-machine gun, live rounds, 2 hammers, wigs and masks. And if any policemen approaches you is it normal for you to display your power as was the case at Buxton. I thought in any civilized and democratic state the opposition would have called for an independent investigation or taken legal action but it seems to me that this administration has created a monster and now has to listen to Congress Place.

I am a businessman returning to Canada and I urge all Guyanese to come together and build this country. I am frustrated and I personally cannot help. I have tried my best. Mr Hoyte, it is not too late to be leader for all Guyana and to change the image and perception of the PNC/R. I fell in love with your recent statement in Parliament: " After all Guyana belongs to us and we all have to build it".

Yours faithfully,
B. D. Singh Businessman