Investment continues despite prophecies of doom

Stabroek News
August 2, 2001

Dear Editor,

Contrary to the doom and gloom atmosphere which the PNC/R seeks to brainwash Guyanese with, a lot of good things continue to happen.

Banks DIH Ltd. officially opened the Sheriff Street Qik Serv and Drive Thru Restaurant on Tuesday afternoon at a cost of $G130 million, the twelfth of such ventures. This responds to the growing needs of thousands of Guyanese for more such high class and efficient facilities for eating out which is not only customer-friendly but employee-friendly.

The establishment of this new facility will also benefit and enhance the area and community in which it is located. President Bharrat Jagdeo cut the ribbon and unveiled the commemoration plaque at the opening ceremony after he addressed the gathering.

Another good thing for the country is the annual report of Sterling Products Ltd., which has been rated among the top 20 companies in the Caribbean according to its percentage of earnings. Last year it recorded over a billion dollars in sales and 7.8% in profit.

This company is another one in Guyana which has made tremendous progress and has plans for continued growth.

In spite of all the negative propaganda Guyana is a good place for investment.

Yours faithfully,
William Thom