Police should give more information on pattern of criminal activities
Stabroek News
July 10, 2001

Dear Editor,

It is with disgust and horror that we are reading of all these brutal armed robberies which are being committed regularly.

Is it that a message is being sent in this ugly and gruesome way that some of us have no place in Guyana?

Is this the way we are being told to leave this beautiful country of ours? This country belongs to all of us, i.e.the six races here.

This abominable situation must be dealt with expeditiously.'Crime prevention' must be seen as the way to go instead of dealing with the crime 'after the event'.

Armed police ought to be patrolling all the potential target areas on a regular basis and it shouldn't be difficult to determine these potential target areas - just look at the trend!

What about co-ordination and communication when we fight crime -couldn't the coast guards etc. have been alerted when the fishermen lodged their report of the robbery that was committed against them on Saturday morning? Couldn't we have a better network where all the police stations and armed patrols are always in contact with each other? Such a system would enable road blocks to be set up immediately throughout the country and officers from a number of stations in neighbouring areas would also be able to assist with the capture of the criminals who too often seem to be able to make good their escape.Developing the Police Intelligence System by e.g. by having our detectives go out in the field rather than merely sit in offices can only have positive results for this nation of ours which at this point in time seems to be yearning for peace and law and order. Remember many of us have already had terrifying experiences while driving and walking along the streets of Georgetown and the East Coast of Demerara during the post?elections violence.

Won't it be beneficial to our nation if our Police Commissioner, who I must say has been doing a great job, gave more details in support of the clear pattern of criminal activities designed to create instability referred to in the previous police release?

Yours faithfully,
Narendri Naraine