Not all these young maidens are innocent

Stabroek News
June 27, 2001

Dear Editor,

I refer to the letter [ please note: link provided by LOSP web site ] captioned "Young girls under siege" (18/6/2001) by Dr Lee Garnett. He cried out against the alarming frequency with which some minibus drivers and conductors seem to be accused of having unlawful sexual relations with females of minor age.

The fact that these allegations are many is beyond question. The point at which Dr Garnett seems to part company with reality is where he seems to be of the view that all of the alleged victims are wan and blushing maidens who are basely seduced and foully ravaged by unscrupulous ogres.

Minibuses and the abuses to which their inclusive culture has given rise are nothing new. It would be reasonable to conclude that all intelligent life forms, including those on far?fabled Mars, are aware of the complexities to which undue familiarity with minibus crews can give rise.

Yet, it is possible to see young and not so young women, aggressively pursuing affairs with these men. Pressing them. Inducing them. In some instances actually daring them to get closer and create a new dimension of the comfort zone.

Few men can resist such challenges. Fewer still would want to incur the opprobrium and negative suggestions which would result from a too manly resistance of these temptations.

Most of these men are as much victims of the mores which pervade the sub cultural millieu in which they operate, even as the young females who feel compelled to ride these vehicles in search of sexual adventures are themselves addicted to certain sociological stimuli.

This situation is not a simplistic question of opportunistic promiscuity on the part of those involved. Both sexes wilt under peer pressure and the cultural expectations which surround this industry. Both sexes are actually victims.

Of course, having sexual relations with minor females can be a statutory offence. Most of the young women involved are aware of this, and once they have succeeded in gaining the attention of the young men, that becomes the sword of Damocles over their heads.

Dr Garnett should be old enough to know that not every cry of wolf really means what the uninformed might assume that it means.

Yours faithfully,
Clarence R. Evans