Guyana has an unfortunate history of failures

Stabroek News
June 26, 2001

Dear Editor,

I refer to Mr. Alan Zaakir's letter captioned "Mr. Green has failed as Mayor" (21.6.200l) where he commented on the decaying state of affairs of the City of Georgetown and attributed it to Mayor Hamilton Green. I would like to add my support for his contention. However I would go further and say Mr.Green has a litany of failures as an executive member of the PNC of which Mr. Zaakir is a proud member. Mr. Green failed us as a Prime Minister, as a Minister of Health, as a Member of Parliament, and in all his other official capacities as a PNC leader.

Not only did Mr. Hamilton Green miserably fail but so did every leader, organization and institution. Today's poverty, crime and corruption are a result of all their compounded failures. The PNC failed us after twenty?eight years in government and has left a poor, depleted and bankrupt nation. The PPP failed us with corruption, incompetence and heightened Indian insecurity. Mr. Hoyte failed us when he adopted the 'slow fire' slogan. President Jagdeo failed us when he rejected a national front government proposal at Albion.

Commissioner Laurie Lewis failed us when he refuses to look seriously at the police force's inaction and incompetence. The media failed us when they allowed talk show hosts to fan the flames.

The religious leaders failed us when they stay silent in full view of injustice and evils in society. The Private Sector Commission failed us when they behaved contrary to the needs and aspiration of the business community. The Berbice ferry service failed us when we have to wait in the hot sun for long hours and with the passing of a few dollars persons come from behind and enter the ferry before us. The Prime Minister failed us when he unveiled a buyout of Bermine without consulting with the workers and union.

Africans failed us when they stood by quietly and allowed Indian Guyanese to be beaten and robbed. Indians failed us when they drink rum, beat their wives and children and commit suicide.

Guyana has an ugly and unfortunate history of failures, or we would not be like this today. To become a progressive nation all Guyanese will have to be committed to excellence and strive for the best in everything. The only one who has not failed us all are the children and youth. Let us not fail them or we will de damned for another 100 years.

Yours faithfully,
Salim Deen