Vulgar music continues unchecked on minibuses

Stabroek News
June 25, 2001

Dear Editor,

In spite of having so many experts in so many areas, still someone cannot arrive at a practical solution to enable commuters to travel in mini- buses free from their odious "music".

The relevant authorities are well aware of the destructive effect these garbage lyrics have on the morality and actions of our young people. More so, having to listen to these maniac songs going to work spoils one's day.

Then we look at the physical bearing of those who subject the commuters to this level of embarrassment; disregarding the presence of children and other decent people, their looks do betray their minds. Are they, these new role models (the minibus workers) self critical at times? Would they subject their kith and kin to this outrageous smut? I say that these operators (who are guilty) are corrupting our country more than any other activity today. They provide smut, many of them are predators who lead our gullible female students astray. Many buses, because of their mode of operation, are killing machines.

I wish to make it clear that there are some very reliable and decent buses and their drivers and conductors.

Because the state does not provide transportation for school children and others, it can at least emphasise decency and comfort to the travelling public. Apart from clamping down on speeding alone, get rid of the music boxes. Mr Lewis has thrown some of the responsibilities on to the commuters. This has not yet caught on because if x complained, y and z who are also passengers would not be happy.

At no time must buses be targeted owing to speeding alone. There needs to be a sustained effort to address all the ills of the public transportation system. Some of these ills can be identified:

1) inexperienced drivers who were recently conductors
2) promoting of a degrading culture of rebelliousness
3) many uneducated, uncouth operators
4) increasing practice of most buses of overloading
5) breaking of road and traffic rules
6) most buses (drivers) display a high degree of importance (always in a hurry)
7) vying to create the most despicable and vulgar bus on the road.
There can be a counter culture if only some operators have the courage and decency to
a) play at a moderate loudness music that commuters can enjoy
b) be self-disciplined, do not overload, and have respect and patience toward the aged commuters
c) have as operators people with a sense of politeness.

I would like to urge our traffic and other relevant officers to carry out a road survey to determine how long some of the drivers of minibuses have been driving. Steering a bus, stepping on the brakes and the accelerator alone is not driving. It involves judgement and anticipation also which comes with a certain amount of experience.

Yours faithfully,
R. Udho