Police must not be deterred by political attacks

Stabroek News
June 23, 2001

Dear Editor,

Of recent times I have observed that the PNC has been attacking the police force, particularly the special force which they, while in government, created to fight crime.

The police commissioner has also been coming under increased pressure from the PNC.

This has started to happen after the PNC did everything, but failed to undermine the professionalism of the police force. Just recall, sir, that immediately after the 1997 Elections when the PNC went on the unjustified street demonstrations they talked about 'kith and kin.'

That was directed at the police/army while the PNC did everything to emphasise 'race' to gain some support. It is known that Afro?Guyanese comprise the vast majority of the security forces.

The PNC's leadership stepped?up attacks on the police should not become a cover?up for the criminal acts which have taken place after the March 2001 elections. The PNC and the PNC alone must bear l responsibility for the shameful acts which range from kidnapping to the burning down of several business premises and homes in Camp, Robb and Regent streets.

They must also shoulder responsibility for the hijacking of trucks etc. and the beating and robbing of many innocent Indo?Guyanese on the East Coast.

Those crimes were clearly linked to the PNC's protest campaigns. The question is, why is the PNC targeting the police and its leadership at this time.

One needs to note Mr Hoyte, who attended the funeral of the notorious Blackie did not see it fit to attend the funeral of Eloye Adridge an officer killed in the line of duty.

The PNC's history is one filled with violence, electoral fraud, disrespect for the people's rights and various shameful practices. Some with a tarnished past still continue in that Party's leadership despite some half hearted attempts with the 'Reform' group to change its image.

However, its violence and ethnic related activities after the '97 election and now after the 2001 election clearly demonstrate, we are still dealing with the old PNC.

In conclusion I want to disagree with the terms used by the US report which term the PNC has adopted, i.e. extra judicial killings.

Extra judicial killings in my view are what the PNC did with Walter Rodney, Vincent Teekah, Oheni Koama and many others.

I wish to urge the police not to be deterred by the PNC's vicious attacks. Instead they should intensify the fight against crimes and criminals in our society. Our people deserve a life free from fear of crimes.

Yours faithfully,
Donald Ramotar