What about Kingston? To the Editor
Guyana Chronicle
December 21, 2001

ONE could read in the press and view TV footage of the City Council spending millions in clearing and cleaning drains and canal in and around the city for months now. This exercise is going on and it seems that Kingston is a forgotten word in this plan.

For a very long time now since it starts to rain, the whole place is flooded (yards and roads) and it takes a while for the water to recede and then stop at a certain level, from then on the water in the drains are stagnant and this contributes to the mosquito nuisance. It is therefore definite that the drains are blocked and need cleaning yet nothing could be seen tangibly done in this area.

Travelling around the Kingston area one could observe permanent stalls going up on Counsels' reserves. Is the council waiting until this becomes a problem before nipping it in the bud?

These stalls become outdoor discos at nights and use illegal means to obtain electricity and water.

Would somebody please say or do something.