Confidence leads to investment
Guyana Chronicle
December 20, 2001

IT CANNOT be over emphasised that businesses have to take the initiative and grab investment opportunities and customers whenever or wherever they are available.

Globalisation was cited as one of the issues, which affected businesses in the recently published Ram and McRae's 'Business Outlook 2002.'

Globalisation is also one of the major issues affecting economies throughout the world. Subsequently companies find it difficult to compete, since other products win customers over with their efficient display.

This leads to the issue of advertisement, which must not be seen as expenditure but as an investment. But according to the survey, 28.7 per cent of the 43 companies do not see expenditure on ads as an investment. They embarked upon stringent cutbacks in spending for advertising and public relations. This is one major shortcoming of small businesses in Guyana.

Finally, with reference to the quotes in the first paragraph above, it is hardly likely that it can apply, given some of the issues stemming from the report stated above. Other issues, which affected these businesses that had little to do with Government's policies were a cutback on capital investment programmes and spending in the area of research and development.

These are also other essential elements, which contribute to the growth and development of one's company.

Government has always made it clear that they strongly support and will continue to support businesses in Guyana any way they can. This has been realised through tax exemptions, grants and infrastructure development among others.

Moreover, the plans sited by businesses to examine new markets, raise capital to fund new products/services and embarked on capital expenditure/expansion programmes are measures, which should be feverishly followed along with some, listed above because they are vital economic variables affecting their level of growth.

The report stated, "even though they are not optimistic about the economy, respondents were generally confident about the prospects for their own businesses."

Let us not kid ourselves, if I have no confidence or optimism in Guyana I will not invest. It is as simple as that.
Sabrina Edwards.