Unnecessary pain and loss To the Editor
Guyana Chronicle
December 17, 2001

MANY Guyanese were put through unnecessary pain and suffering as well as financial loss simply because the PNC/Reform could not accept their defeat at the polls.

Our elections of March 19th, 2001, were supervised by an independent Elections Commission on which there were three representatives from the governing PPP/Civic and three representatives representing the opposition. The chairman, Major General Joe Singh was appointed by the President from names submitted by the Opposition Leader.

Several donor agencies and other International organisations provided funds and experts to have the best system in place for these elections.

There was absolutely no restriction on the number of observer groups who wanted to observe the process starting before the elections until afterwards.

In spite of all this, to the dismay of most Guyanese and many people in other countries, the results were not once again accepted by the PNC, this time with their Reform component.

We cannot at times help being amazed that in several other countries, elections are held, results declared and the people whether overjoyed or upset simply go on with their lives and peace and harmony prevail.

There are those in our society whom it seems do not want us to live in peace and harmony which we have demonstrated that we can in fact do.

We must not listen to their lies and rumour-mongering and allow them to mislead us into hatred and violence which will benefit none of us or our children in the short-term or long-term.

We must let better sense prevail.

Kellana Sadar.