Taking care of the homeless To the Editor
Guyana Chronicle
December 14, 2001

IT IS with great sadness that I observed a growing number of homeless individuals on our streets, especially in our capital city of Georgetown.

Can't we put these less fortunate ones into some specially built homes, the same way we have done via the Cheshire Home (for spastic children) or Uncle Eddy's Home (for the elderly)?

Isn't this an important and urgent matter?

This situation will definitely exert adverse effects on society and as such it should not be allowed to deteriorate. For instance, it will undoubtedly deal a blow to the tourism industry.

Humans are not animals, they should be treated with respect and dignity. I think that humans are also an endangered specie, and they should be given priority over animals.

May the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security and all stakeholders take some urgent action to deal with this social ill, less it fester and get worse.
Randolph Sue.