Early Christmas rush To the Editor
Guyana Chronicle
December 14, 2001

AMAZINGLY I can't remember when last I've seen the capital city so strung on Christmas so early in the month. This is just the second week of December and quite a number of stores are already providing the opportunity for late shopping.

It is very important that Guyanese are able to acknowledge the need for 'goodwill' and embrace the season. It is my sincere hope that we will continue to live in peace and harmony.

I am also aware of the confidence of proprietors, who have expanded their businesses to facilitate Christmas shopping. The commercial areas of the city have undertaken a real busy demeanor while helping shoppers to begin planning for the season early and proving the things they need at reasonable prices.

There is an opportunity here for everyone to enjoy Christmas, not only because they will be able to purchase a number of items, but they will also be able to enjoy the spirit of the season. I am also impressed with the deployment of police ranks around the city so that hassle free shopping is made possible while streets remain safe for shoppers.

Just the other day on a trip 'down town' I noticed that little music group at Wellington Street, which lightens the atmosphere of the city with their beautiful music along with masqueraders and I was so happy. Then I was able to appreciate the many little things that are so beautiful around us, many things that are able to take our minds off of troubling matters and instead encourage us to take a large slice of life.

I must congratulate the relevant people for taking the initiative to prepare us for another Christmas season.
M. Johnson.