Impossible to satisfy entire nation at the same time To the Editor
Guyana Chronicle
December 13, 2001

NORMAN Browne in his letter [ please note: link provided by LOSP web site ] to the Editor, S/News Monday December 10, 2001, touched on a number of issues facing the youths in Linden. He has also conceded that the problems which he has identified are also being faced by citizens in other areas, but opines that Lindeners are worse affected.

Mr. Browne conveys a clear mind and sound intelligence, he appears to have the ability capable of organising human resources and it should occur to him that economic ventures could be successfully undertaken if properly researched and a proper plan formulated.

I would urge Mr. Browne to get his youths together with a view to putting their minds to work and endeavour to adopt a venture that can be worked upon.

Several agencies designed to assist in planning and seeking appropriate capital can be approached, perhaps the very youth-choice initiative cited by Mr. Browne, can be a start. Yet, Mr. Browne contrives to be somewhat negative to the varied transformation taking place all over Guyana since 1992 and continuing onto today, for example, in the very Linden where he resides, teachers' training facilities have been extended as is the case in Rose Hall, New Amsterdam, Anna Regina, and Vreed-en-Hoop. Public service wages increased over 600 per cent, over 106 water systems repaired and constructed, over 200 miles of pipelines laid benefiting hundreds of thousands of residents, single digit inflation reduced from a high 100 per cent, rice production now achieving over 300,000 tons from 91,000 in 1992, similarly sugar recorded 321,000 tons, an all time high in 20 years. These sorts of achievements are being felt throughout the nation. Mr. Browne should be more positive and avoid the negativism which he seems prone to adopt.

Ongoing developments are on stream, but it is quite impossible to satisfy the entire nation all together at the same time.
Bevon Grant.