Escalating electricity charges To the Editor
Guyana Chronicle
December 13, 2001

I wish to echo the sentiments of most consumers who, including myself, have had to face turbulent power outages which come without warning at times, plunging consumers into utter chaos through damaged equipment and broken down appliances, not to mention one's groping in the dark for a candle.

What is rather puzzling, and I dare say unfair to consumers is the escalating electricity costs which are attached to GPL's service, or lack of it, inspite of these constant and prolonged periods of power outages.

Can an official of GPL explain to the normal consumer the rationale behind these charges? Is GPL billing consumers based on assumed consumption? What if a person dies and his decomposed body is discovered one month later, will GPL bill that dead consumer for the month his 'lights' were already out.

Only GPL can respond to these questions which I hope will be promptly addressed.

Perhaps consumers like myself who live in constant anticipation of blackouts should set the stage all year round for Diwali and Christmas by lighting our diyas and candles to see our way, simultaneously conserving on electricity with the hope that our bill will be slashed by at least half.

But do we really have to go back to those candlelight days where seeing the light was almost a luxury.

Come on GPL, surprise us for the season, allow us to see our fairy lights blink.
Sparkle Lord.