Simply "WHEN" To the Editor
Guyana Chronicle
November 23, 2001

When will we be able to walk down our streets and greet people with a smile?

When will we be able to shop in a friendly store?

When will shop owners learn to make it less painful for us to give up our money?

When will we be able to say" now that was a nice place to shop" ?

When will be able to say "that government office was very helpful”?

When will G.P.L. give us regular power at all times?

When will GTT show some compassion towards our late phone bills?

When will the laws of the road apply to all peoples, even the mini bus drivers?

When will killing a 9 year-old girl on our streets or highways" not be tolerated"?

When will lives of our brothers and sisters actually mean something regardless of race?

When will talk show hosts stop trying to create terror, disturb the balance of daily life?

When will peace, love and harmony be just a normal way of life?

I was compelled to write this when I read about that poor little 9 year-old girl and the 5 year-old girl who were killed just because some driver needed to get to some place 20 or 30 seconds sooner. I am ashamed that a heart-wrenching thing like this needs to happen before we can open our selfish and uncaring eyes. Mothers in Black, fight this battle every day, but more needs to be done by governments, laws, and the

simple act of CARING.....

The answer for " WHEN "......only everyone of us can

really hold that... gift....
Dolor Hubert