Tourism Industry Important to Guyana To the Editor
Guyana Chronicle
November 22, 2001

September 11 is the most talked about date in recent history. It has left an impact on all our minds. The Global Tourism Sector has also felt the effects of the attack. However, we as Guyanese can do a lot for our Tourism Industry.

The Minister of Trade, Industry and Commerce has taken the mantle and has decided to go 'local'. This means that the focus will be on tourists who are Guyanese by birth but live abroad and as well as local Guyanese citizens.

Approximately 90% of tourists are Guyanese who reside locally and overseas. Because we have so much natural places of interest to offer, we are at an advantage.

Further, natural attraction is fast becoming the best and most attractive venture for this Sector. An added advantage is that Guyanese have not been able to explore the natural beauty of the interior terrain.

The problem of marketing and investment cost should now be the only set back to us. How we aim to pursue the implementation of marketing strategies would depend upon the location of persons at home and abroad.

The United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and more closer to home, the Caribbean Region should be target areas for customers. Therefore we should start looking at our markets as early as possible.

Investment costs would be mainly in the development of our infrastructure. This is also essential for the sustainability of this thriving sector.

The move by local entrepreneurs to develop the Kilter National Trail is a commendable one. I see this as an exceptional and most appropriate step towards the development of the Tourism Sector.

We need more persons like those to develop the environment. Everything must not be left to the Government.

As patriotic and concerned Guyanese we should all come together to help develop this industry because possibly this is the most important element for growth and development of Guyana.
Jasmine Narine