Monitor the "loose cannons" To the Editor
Guyana Chronicle
November 20, 2001

Once again media coverage and media reporting have come under the spotlight.

And I am left to strongly appeal to all responsible Guyanese to assess our roles, aims and objectives, when we are given the opportunity to voice our opinion through the television medium.

If persons were to be placed before the courts for libellous statements made on some Talk Shows, then the majority of these irresponsible persons who have their own agenda, would be incarcerated.

Last Monday night, I was listening to Mr. Ravi Dev's show on Channel Six, titled "Things Fall apart". In his sad attempt to belittle the collective and collaborative efforts of the Government as it related to the breach at Cane Grove, he claimed Government treated the people of Cane Grove with contempt.

Now Mr. Dev, why try to seek political mileage through each and every attempt where possible or not.

To persons who know the real story, your quarrel would only be seen as a pathetic gesture and struggle, aimed at elevating your failed political career. And believe me, people know the real story.

How could you, (after almost the entire Cabinet had visited, assessed damage and remedied the situation at the site), swoop down like a vulture on the community, after the water had receded so that your feet remained clean and dry, to pick at what remained of the misfortune of the people.

Further, you have the audacity to say that the Government treated the people of Cane Grove with contempt. What possible support do you have for your statement? Or are you as irresponsible as your colleagues in the media who talk because you have the means to do so?

I am appealing to persons responsible for broadcast legislation to closely monitor these " loose cannons" before they cause unnecessary and unwarranted pain and suffering to our country.