Making a mountain out of a molehill
Guyana Chronicle
November 8, 2001

Guyanese are a humble and hospitable people. We will always remain so.

However, I was deeply shocked at a statement made by one Andrew Parker of the United States Embassy in Georgetown who said that United States Citizens are not safe because of the presence of cows and horses on some of our streets.

This is sheer triviality and reflects a gentleman who is certainly insensitive to our way of life, and is making a mounting out of a molehill. Mr Parker, I do agree that stray animals at times are traffic hazards, but please how can they jeopardize the safety of US citizens. What about the safety of Guyanese, Canadian, British and other nationals who live in this country?

Are you suggesting that the stray animals, by some holy or unholy intervention, have a mission to target US citizens? Please don't insult Guyanese even if you've had so pleasant experiences in developing countries.

Despite our challenges I am proud of Guyana. While I do not condone stray animals roaming our streets (and this is the exception), they are part of our uniqueness and are essential sources of livelihood for many of our people.

I have worked overseas, for many years, in third world countries in Africa and Asia and never I heard a US or any other diplomat saying uncanny remarks about a country and its people. Not even in India where the traffic grinds to halt because of cows crossing (and no one dears hit the animals) does any US diplomat utter such rubbish.

Mr Parker please re-think your comments and don't insult the good name of America.