Religious irrationality growing in Guyana
Guyana Chronicle
October 10, 2001

I AM filled with a sense of deep outrage after reading Shree Sew Kissoon's letter in the Chronicle of Monday October 8.

Kissoon reported that Christian strangers went into an old couple's home a few years ago (in Bath Settlement) and dumped their Hindu religious icons into the drains.

If this is true then it constitutes a serious criminal offence and these preachers should have been arrested.

The last people I know of who practised such "eye pass" were the Taliban in Afghanistan who blew up ancient Buddhist statues because it offended their irrational sensibilities.

The Taliban's days are now numbered.

Those who do evil while preaching God's message and attempt to appear sanctimonious should learn the lesson now being taught in Afghanistan.

The Guyana Government has largely ignored those who are being targeted for intellectual and spiritual abuse even though their constitutional rights as citizens are continually being violated.

The government must make clear that there is freedom of worship for all religions in Guyana.

Those who try to impose one specific form of worship, or one religion as the true and only religion, are violating the rights of other citizens who are guaranteed constitutional freedom to worship the God of their choice.

One wonders what would happen if such violators are taken to court.

It is clear that religious irrationality is growing in Guyana.

I doubt the government has the resources to counter the madness inherent in fundamentalism.

But the government continues to dilly-dally, there is no need to rectify this situation as yet - after all, citizens are not yet burning tyres and ripping up the streets.