A 14-year-old should know better To the Editor
Guyana Chronicle
October 6, 2001

Please refer to Stabroek News court section, October 5, 2001; A, Perry White was charged with rape of a fourteen year old female.

It is stated that Mr. White took the female victim to a known hotel in the city and had forced sexual intercourse.

I find this very puzzling since rapists usually prefer to have no eye witnesses, and commit their crimes out of public view.

It is odd that this young lady was able to pass the front desk clerk without raising alarm to her plight. Since there was no mention of any weapons used to intimidate her, I assume that she went without resistance.

I strongly disagree with adult males engaging in sexual liaison with females under the age of consent.

However, let's not exaggerate facts. These young ladies must also bear the responsibilty of their actions. A fourteen-year-old should know better.

Chandra Sing-Dhaliwal