Guyana Chronicle
September 26, 2001

I watched US Pesident George W. Bush's address to congress and the U.S. nation couple of nights ago. I watched in admiration the number of standing ovations he received from the audience that was present.

I was very happy to see Republicans and Democrats together putting their country first, applauding their President. Couple of days before that night, the Republicans and Democrats stood together and sang "oh, beautiful America", note 'together’.

That is a true demonstration of national unity from the two parties in the U.S. This is very admirable and Guyanese must take note. I hope the political leaders in Guyana, especially those of the two major political parties watched, and is continuing to watch how Americans, Republicans and Democrats are putting all differnces aside for the love and true love of their country.

That is true and pure respect for their country. If, God forbid, a situation like that or little less were to occur in Guyana, I wonder if the PNC and PPP/C would join hands with each other and really put Guyana first, and not their quests for political power in front of everything else. It's really food for thought.