To the Editor
Guyana Chronicle
September 20, 2001

As a nation grappling to identify ourselves with spiritual and normal tenets in all realms of our existence, there is an exigent need for us to understand fully some of the true principles of the Administration of the ever and most vigilant sovereign ruler, God almighty, who is always fully involved in all facets of life from before our conception to after our physical death and to eternity.

The intention of this message is to make us fathom some of the mysterious modality of his unique wisdom, for most times the majority of mankind conclude issues based on our shallow logical thinking devoid of the true divine principles with even worse consequences.

It is most apportune at this time when world tension is at its highest, for us all to know that hearts are ushered with peace and tranquility no matter how fearful, hopeless and painful by intense remembrance of God through formal and informal single and moreso communal linkages, connections and prayers from the inner core of our hearts.

At a time when death and destruction have never been so advertised and seen the realisation of life fleeting and the tallest of buildings can fold up in seconds, it is intended to make us all ponder and reflect on the power glory and might of God more and to alter our thinking drastically not to depend on ourselves and or possessions exclusively, but to rely with full trust in him preceded by the maximum preparation in all strata of our development which has the giver’s approbation.

We are all reaping what have sown and whether it is New York or Guyana, we cannot separate our individual and collective action from good or bad consequences, for he who is most kind and beneficent brings mercy to mankind most times through crises catastrophes and deaths which only the true servants of God almighty are blessed to understand and relate with harmoniously.

Of course within the divine laws of justice, should be a keen and through investigation unprejudiced and unbiased to locate all and sundry who trespass the laws of God and in the search, we do not further cross the limits set by him, much more to equal and surpass the apparent atrocities that haunt us in the search, the apprehension, custody and trial.

“Peter should not pay for Paul and Paul pay for all,” nor should decisions be taken in anger and haste with emotional surges for such will be `power’ which will bring even more pain to those seeking redress, for such decisions will not accord with blessings hence its operational expectations will be countered with unseen obstacles again not fathomable by those who inner light is dim.

In Guyana, let us as a small but Godly people, react with a calm and sober temperament, solacing all, especially our nationals for their recent tests with an immediate display of combined urges for a restoration of real spiritual insights to combat this and future crises.