To the Editor
Guyana Chronicle
September 19, 2001

Let me take this opportunity of joining the rest of civilised society in condemning the cowardly acts of terror perpetrated on the people of the United States of America. My prayers and sympathies go out to all those who were affected.

Terrorists who claim to be Muslims commit these acts of terror. Islam does not in any of its laws condone such acts. On the contrary, Islam fosters peace, love and compassion for fellow human beings. Community unity, freedom and equal respect for all cultures and religion are hallmarks of Islamic teachings and laws.

It is regrettable, that a few have cast such shame and disgrace on Muslims worldwide. We should never make the mistake to assume that their barbarism represents the Islamic cause and values.

In Guyana, we need at this time to take note of the events happening in the world today. In recent years, we have experienced the fanaticism that is infiltrating the Muslim Community here. Many mosques here have been infiltrated by these fanatics, who have disrupted the peace and tranquility that existed in several communities, with their new brand of Islam. We have many so-called scholars, who because of their short Middle East visit, come back to Guyana as experts on Islamic law. Above all, we sponsor and import foreign preachers, who support and condone the actions we recently saw in the USA.

The time has come for Guyanese to vet these groups, to restrict some of their tactics in their propagation of their new brand of Islam. One day, we may see, if they do not agree with our way of life, freedom and democracy, we may be the recipient of their rage and belief that they act for God. They have already demonstrated this in many Mosques countrywide.

It is however, heartening to see the US President visiting a Mosque and endorsing the values and feeling of the true Muslim community. Islam is a great religion, with deep-seated values, that can be a guide to mankind. However, we must not make the mistake of judging any of the great religions, by the actions of a few, mis-guided and mis-informed individuals who propagate their personal vendetta on the human race.


As in physics, action-reaction, injustice breeds reaction. Foreign Jews started illegally to enter Palestine and blew up so many bombs that the British forces were withdrawn to save British soldiers from being killed.

Palestine was under British control on behalf of UN. The Jewish terrorists later became leaders of the Israel they created through terrorism. Today they continue their terror against the Palestinian people, occupying more and more of the Palestinians’ land. And that goes on under worldwide Jewish protection.

USA is the main supporter of this terror against the Palestinian people. If that terror stops, so that the Palestinian people can live within secure borders in their own state of Palestine, the world will be a much safer place.


On Monday, September 17, 2001 I joined the nation in mourning those killed during last Tuesday’s gruesome attacks in Washington and New York, USA. The scenes relayed on television brought home the evil that descended on the American people that day.

My heart goes out to all the victims of the attacks, and especially to those who are still waiting the word on the fate of relatives and friends. May the comforting grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, be with them all. My thoughts are especially with those members of the Guyanese community who lost or are unable to locate their loved ones.

I would like to extend my heartfelt sympathy to the government and people of the United States of America. These attacks were clearly well planned and executed to cause maximum damage to both property and persons. They exposed how vulnerable we are to the evils of this world, especially to the crimes of those who do not fear death and who are prepared to use the most barbarous means to advance their evil schemes.

Those guilty of orchestrating and abetting these unspeakable crimes must be brought to justice. It behoves all who can assist in this task to do so. The members of the international community have a duty to cooperate in the search for justice but not to be complices in acts of revenge. The latter aims at getting even and are not intended to bring those guilty to account. In this regard, I wish to repeat the counsel of His Holiness, Pope John Paul who reminds us that violence will never lead to genuine solutions to humanity’s problems.

The shocking attacks and immense loss of life we have witnessed in the US this last week, must lead the international community, including the US, to redouble all efforts to find peaceful and just solutions to the several ongoing armed conflicts around the world which so often lead to destitution, oppression, despair and the temptation to even more extreme acts of violence.

Let us also not be too hasty in judgement, but wait until such time that the evidence gathered is conclusive before casting blame on anyone or group. I am deeply concerned about the fate of Muslim and Arab communities who are becoming the targets of attacks.

There can be no justification for these retaliatory attacks on innocent persons simply because of their ethnicity or religious standing. America was built on the basis of immigration; the ethnic, religious, cultural and other diversities are part of the American heritage. May the American people and government therefore, take all steps to guard against retaliation, which may lack an objective basis, or be based on purely religion or ethnicity.

I urge all the faithful to pray at this time for the American people. I also instruct all parishes to observe next Sunday, September 23, 2001 as a day of prayer and reconciliation in memory of all those affected by the attacks on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon.

With every good wish and blessing.