Guyana Chronicle
September 17, 2001

I viewed with horror the carnage in New York, occasioned by the premeditated actions of terrorists who destroyed the World Trade Centre building. They also wrecked parts of the Pentagon. How can people in their minds do such a thing? It is a vicious heinous crime against humanity!

Prior to that outrage, I was an ardent supporter of the Palestinian cause. Now I am not so sure. While their cause may be just, these suicide missions are not. I am not for one minute justifying the brutal actions of the Israeli government. They should return the Palestinians’ land.

Hijacking passenger jets in mid-air and using them with the passengers inside on suicide missions against the American government is loathsome! Couldn’t bona fide military targets be found? Like the US destroyer which was holed by a bomb placed alongside and detonated with loss of life?

What sort of military target can the World Trade Centre present? Crammed as it is each day with civilians? So far, no organisation has dared to own up to this crime, although it is reported that there is jollification in Palestine.

Suicide missions in Israel and elsewhere in the Middle East have been owned up readily and proudly. What’s the hurdle this time? Why have the intellectual authors of this vile atrocity not yet stepped forward to be counted” Are they afraid of the inevitable reprisals to come?

President Bush in his world wide broadcast, openly said words to the effect that there would be reprisals.

Both sides to the Middle East row are intractable. Peace missions by prominent and distinguished personalities, have been countless since 1948. This ill-adivsed mass murder of thousands of American civilians, is seen by many observers as a quantum escalation in the conflict.

I may still be stunned by the ferocity of the atrocity, but to date I can’t see how the Palestinian or Arab cause will benefit from that particular slaughter. Right now Bush is meeting with his top advisers to plan an “appropiate response” will soon rain down on Palestine, Afghanistan, Libya and Pakistan. Saddam may not be involved in the New York strike, but George Bush may not think so in his grief!

My solution to the Middle East conflict may be smplistic, but it’s a proposal:

Lands belonging to Palestinians must be returned

Israel must withdraw from the Golan Heights

Jerusalem must be divided, between the two sides

Palestine must be recognised as a sovereign state.

A Peace Pact should be signed by all UN member states

Suicide missions by whoever, must be called off.
Carlton Campbell.