Indians in Berbice have legitimate concerns

Stabroek News
June 11, 2001

Dear Editor,

I just knew this would happen! I knew it! The Indians in Berbice having been unable to bear with the lax attitude of the police force in that area decided to show their frustration by staging a protest, peaceful by Georgetown standards. Look what happened... one shot down, more to go! When thugs burned the town and robbed and beat countless innocent Indians in Georgetown for days on end, not one "peaceful" protester's life was taken. But in Albion...well...that's another story.

The Indians in Berbice have legitimate concerns. For decades, these hardworking people had to suffer at the hands of bandits who robbed them of the little money they managed to save after sweating blood in the fields. Many sisters, wives and daughters were raped and widowed at the hands of bandits. Are these not legitimate concerns? Is it not time enough for these people to stop suffering?

It is extremely frustrating trying to get any kind of service from any police station in the country. It happens at every police station, sometimes one gets the impression that you have disturbed them from their leisure time. The place is run like a cake shop.

The government, in their haste to please the segment of society who has been crying victimization and marginalization, has neglected the people who have put them in office. The government must realize that no matter what they do for that particular segment of the population that cries foul, no gratitude will be given in return. The Indians have suffered for too long and it's about time they take a stand and fight for their cause. The government doesn't seem to care.

I support the action in Berbice and call on the government to do something for a change. If you do not get with the program, you may find that the program will get with you.

By the way, so what if Ravi Dev was there? What's the point that's trying to be made about that? I certainly don't see an issue there. People just like sidestepping the real issues by sidetracking to something else...typical Guyanese fashion.

Yours faithfully,

(Name and address supplied)