PPP/C, PNC/R need to get together on IT

Stabroek News
May 26, 2001

Dear Editor,

The ruling administration has yet to declare an IT (Information Technology) strategy for Guyana that addresses training for our young talent on web design, programming, animation and other internet opportunities. If Guyana trains its youth in developing this sector, the entire country would benefit from an economic boom from the technology sector. We could be soon exporting and generating revenues from software development, hardware applications and other net-based design technologies. It is not difficult to get this up and running.

The ruling administration needs to get its best talent together with the best talent from the PNC/R and jointly realise this powerful opportunity for the Guyanese youth. If the IDB grants Guyana's application for the US$50 million for developing the internet landscape, then this may be the way and opportunity to move forward. The PNC/R should be an equal and full participant on how the IT project is developed. The history of the PPP/C in doling out contracts to inefficient firms that build floating wharves, sinking bridges and roll-away seawalls could spell diasaster

for implementing the IDB-funded IT strategy properly. The IDB and the PPP/C should create multi-party involvement in this very important project which could rapidly lift up Guyana's youth.

Yours faithfully,

Alan Zaakir
PNC/R - Canada