Conditions must improve to attract more remigration

Letters to the Editor
Stabroek News
October 15, 1999

Dear Sir,

It was encouraging to read in the online Stabroek News (Tuesday Oct.12, 1999 edition) that PSC Chairman, George Jardim, has identified the need for a proper policy for Guyanese wishing to remigrate.

It was also good to learn of President Jagdeo saying that a central agency will be set up to deal with remigrants. This is but one step needed to facilitate Guyanese returning home.

However, one has to consider a few other points. Not only must the unnecessary bureaucratic red tape be removed from the process, but the country itself must be made substantively more attractive to all Guyanese wishing to return, or contemplating returning.

One has to realise that there needs to be, not only reduced impediments to them actually returning, but also a slightly closer approximation to the life abroad that they will have to leave behind, in order to go home.

Issues such as the level of crime, safety and security, health care, education, and increased efficiency in conducting business and lfe in general, have to improve vastly before Guyana attracts any significant numbers of its sons and daughters who left seeking a better life.

Have the conditions in Guyana substantially improved since their leaving?

Yours faithfully,
Wayne Moses

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