August 18, 1999
Guyana Chronicle

The ride still shakes

I SAW a letter elsewhere suggesting President Bharrat Jagdeo may be too young for the job.

Age has absolutely nothing to do with maturity.

Six years before the People's Progressive Party (PPP) came into office, there were very senior men with most excellent experience

in practically all areas of government.

These were the men Guyana depended on to make a change, to make a difference in the lives of a united people.

These were the men in whom total allegiance and trust were placed.

But these senior experienced men took the nation for a ride it can never forget, a ride that still shakes the very souls of those who, like me, thought that age was the answer to the

call for responsible, progressive and justifiable government.

This is a time of optimism and growth and we should all pave the way for a better country in the interest of all the people.

If older, experienced men did not make an impact enough to win the last election then I say that it is time we be mature and recognise the qualities and perseverance of President Jagdeo who was chosen with the clear understanding that his age is not a major factor.

He has demonstrated great potential.

Let us continue to wish him success for this/his country.

Let us give him the support he needs thereby giving some of us a chance for the first time, to realise that maturity comes with a combination of education, intelligence, experience and last but not least, not having a one-track mind on the essentials of life.

Best of wishes to our President.