Much more has to be done to prepare Ms Sobers

Stabroek News
May 6, 1999

Dear Sir,

After seeing a recent photograph (in Stabroek News) of Miss Guyana 1999, Morvina Sobers, receiving her airline ticket to Trinidad, in preparation for the Miss Universe Pageant later this month, I cringed.

Immediately, I wondered how serious her sponsors are in ensuring that they do their best to promote Guyana and give the young lady a good chance of, at least, placing in the top ten.

At first, it was heartening to hear that Ms Sobers sponsors went on record saying that they would support her all the way. Obviously, not one ounce of support or assistance went into her preparation to attend the Le Meriden function.

Her "outfit" looked too cheap, even by Caribbean standards much less international standards.

Ms. Sobers slouched posture indicated that she sorely needs professional help in her deportment, among the other attributes characteristic of queens worldwide and that means money. That is just the beginning, I'm sure she needs lots of help in many other areas.

Lots of money has to be spent on Ms Sobers if she is ever to even be noticed by anyone of consequence during the run-up to the pageant.

It's all well and good to know that Guyana secured the franchise to re-enter the Miss Universe contest but it's another thing to be able to adequately prepare our social ambassadors to compete at that level.

We in the Caribbean always harp about not getting a "level playing field" whether in the economic or political sphere, but obviously, we can make a statement on a playing field that we have some control over.

No doubt, the Trinidad and Tobago Government appreciates the monumental benefits it would derive from hosting the Miss Universe pageant and is sparing no cost to clinch whatever benefits are reaped from the event.

So, I say to the corporate community, Banks DIH, Omai Gold Mines, Continental, DDL, Courts Furniture, all those insurance and accounting companies, small businesses and citizens alike, pitch in behind Morvina Sobers and give her the best shot she can get.

Yours faithfully
Sheron Forde