Travel Notes

The time in Guyana is one hour later than Eastern Standard Time; daylight-saving time is not observed. Visas are not required for Americans. Travelers need a valid passport and a return ticket or proof of sufficient funds for onward passage. white fever immunization is required of travelers coming from most African and Latin American countries, and innoculation against typhoid, hepatitis, and malaria is recommended for travel lasting more than a day or two to remote areas of Guyana.

Climate and Clothing: Summer clothing, including tieless guayaberas and shirt-jacs for men, is worn year round in Georgetown. A light raincoat or umbrella is recommended, as heavy tropical rainshowers can occur at almost any time of year.

Air Travel

Air communications now forms the main link with the interior of Guyana. There are about 94 airstrips, most of which are located in the interior and cater to light aircraft. An airstrip at Ogle, about 20 minutes by car from the centre of Georgetown, is used primarily for travel between the capital and interior destinations.

Guyana Airways Corporation (GAC) operates regular scheduled international flights to the United States of America (Miami and New York), Canada, Curacao, Brazil, Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago.

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