Caribs, Arawaks To Sign Historic Peace Pact in Dominica

From Sunday Mirror , November 17, 1996

Guyana's indigenous people are waiting with much interest to learn more about a historic peace treaty to be signed next month in Dominica between two of the original warring tribes who inhabited the Caribbean prior to colonisation.

The event will have a Guyanese angle, which will see the indigenous people from the islands paddling their way to Guyana as was the case with their forefathers many years ago.

According to regional reports, Barbados-born Damon Corrie, a fourth generation descendant of the last Arawak ruler in Guyana, Amorotahe Haubarira, will sign on behalf of his tribe, while Hilary Frederick, Chief of the Dominica Caribs, will represent the Carib nation.

A statement by Corrie said the ceremony will officially end hostilities between the two tribal nations.

Following the December ceremony, the treaty document will be carried by Corrie and the Carib crew of the historic "Gli Gli" expedition by canoe to Guyana, where other leaders of both tribes will be invited to ratify the peace treaty.

The "Gli Gli" expedition project is named afler a small aggressive hawk, revered by ancient Carib warriors as a symbol of bravery.

Corrie said the aim of the canoe journey "is to create a valuable document of this ancient technology as well as a symbolic and practical journey re-uniting the islands' ancestral Caribs with their ancestral and tribal homeland."

The journey will take members down the island chain through the Orinoco Delta and into the Barima River of Guyana, then through the river systems of Norlhwest Guyana to the Pomeroon River.