Letters on: September 11, Guyana, Cubana Bombing

    The Act

  1. America's defences against suicide bombers are porous
  2. Deep sorrow for America's loss
  3. An image which cannot be forgotten
  4. We are all under threat from people incapable of rational thought
  5. America has lost its innocence
  6. There are no victors
  7. Recent-events
  9. There is no explanation
  10. The terrorists struck at heart of civilisation
  12. What is terrorism?
  13. Terrorism has no barrier
  14. Religious extremism leads to backwardness
  15. One or two presidential appeals cannot undo existing prejudices

    The Reasons
  16. Are American citizens more human than Arab citizens?
  17. Americans have been strengthening potential enemies and ignoring potential friends
  18. The US is also not without guilt
  19. Manhattan began with Palestine
  20. We must be willing to deal with the real issues
  22. US foreign policy contributed to conditions which provided fertile ground for terrorists
  23. America is not a paragon of virtue
  24. Bush should move to settle the Palestinian issue
  25. What is bin Laden's motive?
  26. Does Islam promote violence and terrorism?
  27. Editorial too dismissive of accusations against US
  28. America should apologise for past misdeeds
  29. Terrorist attacks have been conducted by the Wahhabis, a toxic sect of Islam
  30. Is bin Laden projecting a false image of the Quran?
  31. The Islamic way of life is opposed to the immorality in modern Western culture

    The Response
  32. Guyana should support the US in whatever actions it takes against terrorists
  33. America has never run away from a fight
  34. The American people should not let their anger get the better of them
  35. The US must act against terrorism in concert with other nations
  36. Guyana should pledge full support to US
  37. The United States should support the establishment of the International Criminal Court
  38. The Americans should use every appropriate legal channel
  40. To win the fight against terrorism, the US must stop approaching it as a war
  41. The United States is the hemispheric leader
  42. Frightened of President Bush's intemperate utterances
  43. We are in for the long haul
  44. The Americans are playing into bin Laden's hands
  46. The anger is understandable
  47. This is not a time for nationalistic bravado
  48. Guyana should commit troops to support American forces
  49. Bombing civilian areas doesn't work
  50. Strategic bombing will not win over Islamic youth
  51. Ridding the world of terrorism
  52. The emphasis must be on justice not revenge
  53. Oil doesn't have friends
  54. This terrorist war is based on ideology not poverty and discontent

    Stepping Back
  55. Dissatisfied with local coverage of US tragedy
  56. We must move on, regardless
  57. Indo-Guyanese are now targets of racial hate in the US
  58. IMAGES OF 1991
  61. Guyana and the Caribbean are not in the same position as Pakistan and India
  62. How ironic indeed
  63. A new world order has come out of September 11
  64. The situation is full of ironies
  65. Let us work for justice through understanding
  66. America's war against terrorism will fail
  67. The question of evidence and the moral inauthenticity of jingoism
  68. Islamic fundamentalists and left wing free loaders
  69. The West is forced to confront the reality of Islam
  70. Disappointed at protest outside U.S. embassy
  71. What it means to be a superpower
  72. Pakistan finds itself tip-toeing on a live wire
  73. Ian Mc Donald sees the world through the eyes of the West
  74. My columns dealt mainly with the atrocity, not its causes
  75. Let's deal with our own problems
  76. Understanding Afghanistan's recent past
  77. Hindus never went to Pathan areas
  78. Muslim women have rights, too
  79. Positives of September 11
  80. America saved the world from Communist expansionism, has fought for many vital causes
  81. There are many untruths current about Islam and the West
  82. Taliban have done much evil
  83. Quotations from the Quran must be understood in context
  84. Holy texts were based on man's knowledge at that time
  85. A shallow view of western culture
  86. The voice of moderate Islam
  87. Mr Barclay did not give the full quotations
  88. Countries with Muslim majorities are not tolerant
  89. Scripture must be studied to be understood
  90. Are the Fundamentalists projecting a false image of Islam?
  91. The Quran is transcendental
  92. Holy texts are pre-scientific
  93. Many Americans not ready to give up civil liberties in name of national security
  94. John Walker is guilty of treason
  95. General Pinochet stood up for his beliefs
  96. Call for end to atrocities against minorities
  97. Playing it smart is the game
  98. America has chosen to play a vital leadership role
  99. Congress did not give President Bush carte blanche to wage war against anyone
  100. A clash of cultures
  101. We are happy with a bellicose president
  102. Troubling times for humanity
  103. The Arabs are starting to organise
  104. The Jewish lobby in the United States is very influential

    Cubana Bombing
  105. The terrorist Bosch is living in Florida
  106. Remember the terrorist bombing of the Cubana plane
  107. USA should take action against Cuban exile terrorists
  108. Bosh must face trial for cubana bombing