Letters on: Power Sharing

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  1. Too many people are searching for a systemic solution which does not involve an adjustment of their own attitudes
  2. Dialogue is not enough, power sharing is needed
  3. Power sharing is the only way to deal with ethnic insecurity
  4. Power sharing proposal by Dr Hinds not well thought out
  5. More details should be given of proposed power sharing mechanism
  6. Devolution may be the best solution proposed
  7. Dr Hinds' power-sharing proposals are not practical
  8. Decentralisation of power is equally important
  9. Revolutionary thinking needed
  10. Tearing each other down
  11. Hinds is just trying to push his case for power sharing
  12. Power sharing is inevitable, all we are doing is postponing it
  13. Forget power sharing
  14. In extreme conflict situations gridlock is inevitable no matter what the form of governance
  15. The PNC should not contest next elections; its supporters should vote AFG
  16. Forlorn hope and vague precept
  17. Power sharing entrenches racial voting