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    Elections and the aftermath

  1. Elections Commission and Election '97
  2. Troubling Issues and Election '97
  3. Small Parties and the PPP majority
  4. Article 177(6) and Election '97
  5. Glaring systemic "errors" and Election '97
  6. PNC allegations and Election '97
  7. Mr. Hoyte and Election '97
  8. Forensic audit
  9. Democracy?
  10. Stoning the President's Car
  11. The Accord
  12. Growth?
  13. Dialogue
  14. Flawed analysis
  15. Manipulating the constitution
  16. The current tensions do not spring from the recent elections
  17. I saw the Haslyn Parris incident
  18. I am very upset at the thought of another protest march
  19. Elections systems report raises doubts about NIS database
  20. Resentment in East Coast villages springs from justifiable causes
  21. Dangerous extremes
  22. I maintain that the Official List of Electors was padded
  23. My proposal for UN involvement should be considered
  24. Elections commission must reflect population make-up
  25. Transparency in recruitment and appointments
  26. Emigration is not only a Guyanese problem
  27. PNC demands exceed those of any other opposition party
  28. Part of a coordinated plan
  29. 1973 - 1985 elections don't show racial voting
  30. No ethnic pattern
  31. The people of Buxton also stood out against the wrongs of the Burnham era
  32. Can we stop the incessant heckling between the two main parties?
  33. Let us eschew unsuitable concepts like terrorism
  34. Amnesty’s double standards on Guyana
  35. Amnesty needs to get first hand experience
  36. Amnesty should look into prostitution of press freedom here
  37. Amnesty degrades its reputation and image
  38. The cycle of hate must be broken
  39. There is no way around a need for compromise
  40. Who is a terrorist?
  41. Double standard of the PNC/ Reform