V.S. Naipaul
Trinidad-born writer V.S. Naipaul, whose critical views on major world religions including Islam have attracted protests, won the 2001 Nobel literature prize on October 11, 2001.

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  1. The kowtowing and the courage were two faces of the same man
  2. Naipaul's Nobel prize has hit the anti-Naipaul lobby where it hurts most
  3. Naipaul is anti-Carribbean
  4. Naipaul does not believe in the superficiality of political correctness
  5. We cannot applaud the racist joke that is Naipaul's rendering of our society
  6. Naipaul's caustic remarks
  7. Part of the Caribbean establishment has always been hostile to Naipaul
  8. Naipaul is speaking to us all and we must face the harsh truths
  9. Some of Sir Vidia's famous remarks
  10. A writer with strong interest in his ancestry
  11. Naipaul's Nobel lecture can help us to understand him
  12. Naipaul's acid comments may be part of his showmanship
  13. Kissoon has dragged the debate on Naipaul down
  14. Naipaul's world view should not eclipse his great talent
  15. Naipaul is himself is mimic man
  16. Naipaul is the most read Caribbean writer
  17. Writers like Naipaul are not representatives of a culture
  18. Naipaul has become the stubborn incarnation of the worst of a past generation - the abiding sense of racial inferiority, the affected British accent
  19. Shun ethnic divisions
  20. The quest for identity in the Caribbean
  21. Naipaul must be judged on his literary output
  22. Naipaul exceeds Said's criteria
  23. The whole point is to be embarrassing, contrary, even unpleasant
  24. Exhibition should spread to schools
  25. Naipaul's truth is that we must take responsibility for getting out of the mess we're in
  26. We are still pretending to be real
  27. Naipaul completely ignores the effect of imperialism on culture
  28. Naipaulís compassion and understanding
  29. Naipaul's anti-Islamic views are now in fashion
  30. Genius and madness exist side by side
  31. Does Kissoon believe in free speech?
  32. A man searching for identity
  33. We must face Naipaul's unsparing truths, bleak as they may be
  34. The West Indian identity
  35. Naipaul did not deserve the "Nobel Prize"
  36. Naipaul's eccentric behaviour may be due to identity problem
  37. Naipaul is a literary circumnavigator
  38. Was the West Indies ready to accept Naipaul as West Indian?
  39. Naipaul's Nobel Prize
  40. Naipaul won the Booker Prize with In A Free State
  41. Naipaul is speaking to us all and we must face the harsh truths

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