Letters on: Minibuses, Traffic Laws, and Youthful Sirens

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  1. The minibus culture contributes to educational decline
  2. Young girls under siege
  3. Vulgar music continues unchecked on minibuses
  4. Not all these young maidens are innocent
  5. Our decline predated the minibus culture
  6. Men should know better
  7. Youthful sirens on the minibuses
  8. Better registration of minibus owners and drivers is needed
  9. The letter was about vulgar lyrics and noise nuisance
  10. Mini-bus conductors dress unacceptably
  11. Do our drivers know the rules of the road?
  12. A 14-year-old should know better
  13. These school girls seem to be unsupervised
  14. We must all be involved in campaigning for safety on the roads
  15. So many killings and road accidents
  16. Suggestions to improve traffic situation
  17. A Hire Purchase Act is long overdue
  18. Sterner measures needed against sexual abuses of children
  19. Not impressed with dirty dancing
  20. Seatbelt law should be reinforced
  21. Traffic law-breakers must feel the full force
  22. Seat belts may have saved these lives
  23. Road tragedy is everyone's concern
  24. Offenders have to be severely punished
  25. More anti-speeding groups needed
  26. Vital part of our future ripped away
  27. We must all speak out against dangerous driving
  28. These sentences are unacceptable
  29. Causing death charge pending for four years
  30. These drivers should have been charged with manslaughter
  31. Magistrate Yaw's sentencing policies have raised eyebrows before
  32. New wine in old wineskin
  33. Minibuses must be gradually hauled off our roads
  34. Traffic police place too much emphasis on parallel parking in driving tests
  35. Many traffic laws continue to be broken with impunity
  36. Excessively lenient sentences lessen respect for the law
  37. Mother In Black should monitor current serious traffic cases, these men should have been charged indictably
  38. Chancellor should make a statement on this issue
  40. Magistrate Yaw is often quite strict in court
  41. This is one of the easiest tests
  42. Women drivers take their time and observe the rules of the road
  43. Impotent
  44. Mandatory prison sentence for reckless driving
  45. The minibuses don't have seat belts
  46. Traffic education an important part of reform
  47. Issuing of drivers' licences should be checked
  48. Enforce existing traffic laws before making new ones
  49. Take steps against noise nuisances
  50. The mini bus battle
  51. Stop the recklessness
  52. Mini-bus, Boom Boom and My Experiences
  53. Deal with the nuisance now
  54. Install the tachometer
  55. They have inspired others
  56. Implement the heavy fines
  57. Put an end to the boom-boom boxes
  58. We cannot tolerate the annoyance
  59. Bring back the big buses
  60. Minibus monopoly should be broken
  61. Take a firm stand against this lawlessness
  62. Government and police must not budge
  63. Traffic law reform should reflect consultation exercise
  64. New traffic laws should be guided by fines in Singapore
  65. Government must come down hard on minibus issue
  66. Proposals for traffic, keeping city clean
  67. Minibus drivers face a lot of pressure
  68. No protest in Berbice by 63 route buses last Thursday
  69. Road safety is a serious issue
  70. Let the big buses roll again
  72. What about a state-run transport service?
  73. Stop the slaughter!
  74. The Brazilian bus company had failed
  75. Very loud noise can damage the hearing and create a negative mindset
  76. Time for action
  77. Minibus drivers should not work more than five hours continuously
  78. The problem is existing laws are not enforced
  79. Dangerous modifications are made locally to minibuses
  80. Minibuses a symptom of lawlessness
  81. Dangerous modifications are made locally to minibuses
  82. The Nelson's eye syndrome
  83. They have to speed to make money
  84. Prioritise proposal dealing with the issue of drivers' licences
  85. Drivers should take serious note
  86. Minibus fares should be regulated
  87. Drivers could be sentenced to attend driving school for minor offences