Letters on: International Concerns

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  1. Guyanese have contributed to Barbados more than the Bajans know
  2. What happened to the proposal from a South African group to build a road to Brazil?
  3. Preparing for the Takutu river bridge
  4. Development cannot take place without risk
  5. Facilities are needed at the Takutu bridge
  6. We must not isolate ourselves in the world market
  7. Beware of US Visa Lottery Ads
  8. Disappointed at coverage of events in Trinidad
  9. Trinidad's deepening political crisis
  10. Diversity is the great asset of the West Indies
  11. The border question should be taken seriously
  12. We should seek allies on the the border issue
  13. Joey seems out of touch
  14. Trinidadian leaders have shown a more mature response than ours
  15. A plural society like Trinidad needs a national unity government
  16. Do we need a Caribbean Court of Justice?
  17. Closure of regional news agency a blow
  18. GAP-WPA stand on the Trinidad issue
  19. Slow down in Trinidad could affect entire region
  20. Suriname is benefiting from its military adventure against us, we should defend ourselves
  21. Agents provocateur
  22. Coordinated national effort desirable in resolving oil exploration dispute with Suriname
  23. A display of bad diplomatic etiquette
  24. President should have reacted
  25. We can't let Venezuela and Suriname impede our economic development
  26. We need to renegotiate our international contracts
  27. The onus is on the Caribbean to establish a credible lobbying effort with the USA
  28. Pursuing regional integration
  29. Double standards in Caricom
  30. Tribute to Caribbean women
  31. Guyana-U.S. military deal needed for northwest development
  32. Talk of democracy is empty bombast
  33. We can't expect Britain and the Netherlands to solve our border problems
  34. Brazil and the rest of Latin America suffer from huge income disparities
  35. BWIA map includes New River Triangle as part of Suriname's territory
  36. Map has been changed