Letters on: Guns

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  1. I disagree with editorial, more firearms should be issued so people can protect themselves
  2. Widespread issue of guns is not the answer to crime
  3. Issuing more guns is a practical solution to the crime problem
  4. Guns are available to citizens in Texas but crime is much higher than in New York
  5. The right to bear arms subject to strict conditions
  6. Criminals prefer more powerful weapons
  7. A proliferation of guns is not the answer
  8. More guns may be part of the answer
  9. Widespread gun ownership is not the answer
  10. Citizens with guns do deter criminals
  11. Widespread ownership of handguns leads to many murders
  12. Gun violence can easily spiral out of control
  13. Right to bear arms should be enshrined in constitution
  14. The constitutional right in the USA to bear arms is inextricably connected to the preservation of a militia
  15. Where are all the guns coming from?