Letters on: Evolution

  1. The amazing story of creation
  2. The odds against life evolving naturally
  3. Evolution does not come into play until the fifth stage of Chemosynthesis
  4. Astounding statement
  5. Hinduism is not afraid of evolution
  6. The laws of nature do not support the theory of evolution
  7. The biblical story of Noah's Ark cannot withstand scientific scrutiny
  8. Faith and science are usually mutually exclusive
  9. There are different value systems involved
  10. The Faculty of Natural Sciences has accepted Creation and Evolution as valid scientific theories
  11. We must respect the freedom of belief but not necessarily the various beliefs
  12. Faculty of Natural Sciences has cloaked Christian religion in scientific rhetoric
  13. When did UG accept creation and evolution as valid theories?
  14. Which creation story has the university accepted as valid?
  15. Newton was certain that the universe was a cryptogram set by the almighty
  16. Scientific endeavours did not start a few hundred years ago
  17. The Royal Society considered Newton's writings on Alchemy not fit to be printed
  18. Not all scientists believe in the theory of evolution
  19. Creation is not a theory, it is a dogma
  20. The evidence for evolution is shaky
  21. The theory of Karma does not accept a beginning
  22. Humans evolved the genetic trait of reciprocal altruism
  23. There is no gene for reciprocal altruism
  24. Genes and the social behaviour of humans
  25. Individuals cannot be reduced to their genetic characteristics
  26. Human societies change by rapid cultural evolution not biological alteration