Letters on: Economics Concerns

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  1. The Economic Recovery Programme based on IMF conditionalities always leads to some marginalisation
  2. Significant investment will not occur without political stability, power sharing should be considered
  3. Budget contains many positive measures
  4. There should be a bottom up approach to a Poverty Reduction Strategy
  5. There should be dialogue with business professionals and academics
  6. Investment continues despite prophecies of doom
  7. We need heavy doses of investment
  8. The banking system requires careful monitoring and analysis
  9. Conclusions a bit misleading
  10. Debt relief important to preserve the fabric of expanding democracy
  11. Guyana poorly rated by Index of Economic Freedom
  12. Wide ranging reforms have made our economy the freest in the region
  13. The weak Guyana dollar
  14. Heritage Foundation's ratings for economic freedom based on broad array of institutional factors
  15. Bi-partisan solution may be needed for urgent economic problems
  16. Guyana needs a sense of direction
  17. Five types of economy
  18. Poverty has been reduced
  19. Suriname on the verge of three large investments
  20. Guyana dollar's slide continues
  21. Some business failures are due to capital flight
  22. Integrated approach to development needed
  23. Economic development must be our number one priority
  24. Government has gone some way towards restoring public financial accountability
  25. Many new businesses have opened around the country
  26. What exactly are these new businesses?
  27. Investment confidence
  28. Confidence leads to investment
  29. Call for reform in tax structure
  30. Guyana has done remarkably well
  31. Budget day will put things in perspective
  32. Helping the rice farmers and industry
  33. Business Outlook Survey represents the views of a wide cross-section of the business community
  34. Private sector must go looking for markets
  35. Guyana in elite group of emerging countries
  36. Magnificent management of economy
  37. What about the local stock market?
  38. Economic recovery programmes
  39. Guyana has done well
  40. ACP developing countries need to reorient from aid dependency to trade promotion
  41. Globalisation poses no threat to human dignity
  42. Guyana should seek US government assistance for investment promotion activities in America
  43. How will Poverty Reduction Strategy help single mothers
  44. Investment promotion requires a well designed strategy
  45. Region l0 is neglected in the national budget
  46. Recolonization by invitation? A review of aspects of the GPL privatisation
  47. Campaign for leadership of PNC is a matter of public interest
  48. Budget must be evaluated relevant to resource availability
  49. Resignation of workers does not attract severance pay
  50. People need decent wages to survive
  51. Budget is evidence of careful management of the economy
  52. Yesu Persaud and Ronald Bulkan have shown the way
  53. Why investors shun Guyana
  54. Ideological position must be clearly defined to attract investors
  55. Government must involve all stakeholders in laying foundation on which investment code is built
  56. Looking out for the new stock market
  57. Guyana’s next major development
  58. The government has not facilitated entrepreneurs
    January 16, 2004

    February 14, 2004

  60. Property tax law should be repealed
    February 19, 2004