1. The minibus culture contributes to educational decline
  2. Young girls under siege
  3. Vulgar music continues unchecked on minibuses
  4. Not all these young maidens are innocent
  5. Our decline predated the minibus culture
  6. Men should know better
  7. Youthful sirens on the minibuses
  8. Guyana should adopt American spelling
  9. Brainwashed
  10. Many Guyanese have lost hope
  11. Many live in despair
  12. Can't we settle disputes rationally?
  13. What happened?
  14. Is this what we want for our children?
  15. What is the true state of the country?
  16. I am hopeful that one day. . .
  17. Enough is enough
  18. We need to go back to basics
  20. The blame must be laid at the doorstep of the politicians
  21. Public awareness of our rich architectural heritage needs to be encouraged
  22. There is need for major changes in the cinema industry
  23. Have the young unwittingly become mere voyeurs?
  24. Poor turnout led to defeat of Guyanese in NY city council nomination race
  25. What goes in, comes out
  26. Indo-Guyanese do not see themselves as part of the political process in the USA
  27. Candidates in New York elections need the backing of more than one group
  28. Do our drivers know the rules of the road?
  29. A 14-year-old should know better
  30. Certain words should not be used
  31. Ministry of Culture takes centre stage in the near-death of drama
  32. Sterner measures needed against paedophiles
  33. There were many Afghans among the Muslims from India who came here