Letters on: Corporal Punishment & Discipline

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  1. Our society rears its offspring on the infliction of corporal punishment
  2. Corporal punishment should not be abolished without full consultation
  3. Spare the rod
  4. The effects of indiscipline in schools on teachers
  5. Young must elevate minds by learning
  6. In the old days parents supported teachers in their efforts to discipline students
  7. Spare the rod and save the child
  8. Truancy, ‘student rights’ and discipline
  9. Against whipping of children
  10. Whipping in schools promotes a vicious cycle
  11. Deeply disturbed
  12. Fear of flogging helped a legion of young scholars
  13. Advocates of corporal punishment are promoting a culture of violence
  14. What do the behavioural sciences teach about the effect of violence on children?
  15. A good case for corporal punishment
  16. The key to knowledge is understanding, not fear
  17. Maybe scare tactics do work
  18. Dismantling the SSEE won't cure the high level of illiteracy
  19. Flogging made school a nightmare
  20. No flogging in USA creates chaos in school system
  21. Only bullies beat children
  22. Corporal punishment should be outlawed
  23. Condoms cut the risk of infection, they do not remove it
  24. Modern methods of disciplining students are time consuming
  25. What are the new methods of punishment in schools?
  26. The education of children must be about personal development in the fullest sense
  27. UN Convention on the Rights of the Child may ban corporal punishment
  28. You reap what you sow
  29. Corporal punishment should not be lightly discarded
  30. How things have changed, I remember the discipline I benefited from in my days at school
  31. The Minister and the education officials have missed a point
  32. The postponement of the parliamentary debate on corporal punishment was not 'an anti-climactic conclusion'
  33. The jury is no longer out on the corporal punishment issue
  34. Childrens' minds and behaviour are conditioned by their surroundings