Passenger evicted from BWIA--MARCH 2002

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  1. I did not feel threatened by this passenger
  2. Guyanese must be better treated
  3. Situation needs to be urgently addressed
  4. What can be done to prevent the abuse of Guyanese at the airport in Barbados?
  5. The BWIA captain should have personally assessed the situation
  6. Guyanese will not stand mistreatment any longer
  7. We are looked upon as a dysfunctional nation
  8. Our nationals must be respected
  9. Bad treatment at Grantley Adams airport
  10. Other passengers were uncooperative
  11. It's time that something be done to stop harassment of Guyanese
  12. If it was America Mr Gaul would have ended up in a detention facility
  13. Guyanese get a hard time in the region
  14. Commands on aircraft must be obeyed
  15. I am treated well because I have a British passport
  16. BWIA should provide apology
  17. We must teach them a lesson
  18. Cooperation, not subjugation
  19. Abuse of Guyanese travellers
  20. Let us look at the other routes Mr Gaul can use
  21. Time for the competition
  22. Caribbean people have no respect for Caribbean people
  23. I have been waiting over four years for trial
  24. Reality or perception
  25. Do not rush to judgement
  26. Horrible experience with BWIA
  27. The Guyana Consulate in Barbados has done several things to improve the treatment of Guyanese at Grantley Adams airport
  28. A little courtesy would have done the trick
  29. No respect for rules
  30. BWIA should learn from this experience
  31. No excuses for behaviour
  32. Mr. Gaul deserves an Apology
  33. The age of innocence ended on September 11
  34. Both BWIA and Mr Gaul should apologise
  35. Bad treatment at regional airports is not new
  36. Guyanese should speak out
  37. The drift has ended
  38. Gopaul's contention about dismissal of public servants should have been investigated

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