Situated in the tropics, Guyana has a tropical climate. But on the low lying coastlands where most of the people live, the northeast trade winds have a moderating effect, creating a pleasant climate throughout the year. On the coastlands, the temperature ranges from 20 degrees to 33 degrees centigrade (68 to 91 degrees fahrenheit) with a mean shade temperature of 26 degrees centigrade (80 degrees fahrenheit), while in the interior regions it ranges from l6 degrees to 39 degrees centigrade (6l to l02 degrees fareinheit) with a mean of 28 degrees centigrade (82 degrees fahrenheit) in the shade.

There are two marked rainy seasons during the year - a long rainy season from April to August and a short rainy season from November to January. Annual rainfall varies from about 90 inches on the coast to as much as l40 inches in the rain-forest areas. But in the savannahs where the dry periods are more prolonged, the average is only about 60 inches, with most of the rainfall occuring during the months of May to August.

Guyana is not affected by hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes or volcanoes and although the rains are sometimes delayed, prolonged or severe droughts are relatively rare.