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Axel Williams case
Last night a man called Axel Williams, who reportedly was the bodyguard of a popular city businessman, was executed in Ireng Street, Bel Air Park, in the vehicle in which he was driving. The vehicle, parked at the corner of Ireng and Ituni Streets, was riddled with bullets, its ignition still on.

One unconfirmed report stated that the dead man was attached to the feared "Phantom Force" and was fingered in the shooting to death of a food vendor early last year.
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  1. Woman recalls late night encounter with hitman Williams
    June 13, 2004

  2. Axel Williams's gun
    May 9, 2004

  3. Police have Axel Williams pistol
    April 19, 2004

  4. Axelgate
    April 1, 2004

  5. Axel Williams made 118 calls to Home Affairs Ministry phone contact
    March 15, 2004

  6. Williams killed by 'own death squad cohort'
    March 14, 2004

  7. Letter shows Gajraj approved Williams gun upgrade
    March 5, 2004

  8. 'I don't recall' instructing Axel Williams gun upgrade
    February 17, 2004

  9. Denying the obvious
    February 15, 2004

  10. Ogle's family upset at Axel Williams gun boost
    February 11, 2004

  11. Letter shows McDonald authorised gun upgrade for Axel Williams
    February 10, 2004

  12. DPP Chambers advice for murder charge changed to inquest
    February 1, 2004

  13. Phone company only supplies customers records when legally required - CEO
    January 30, 2004

  14. Hysteria ...or Conspiracy?
    January 29, 2004

  15. Parliament committee could summon Gajraj -Bar Association Head UK govt concerned over allegations
    January 29, 2004

  16. Enough evidence to justify probe -Corbin says in response to Jagdeo letter
    January 23, 2004

  17. Jagdeo tells Corbin to encourage formal reports to police
    January 22, 2004

  18. Government may clear the air on Minister Rohee's visa, phantom allegations
    January 21, 2004

  19. 999 is a 'dummy'
    January 20, 2004

  20. Suspects should be charged with murder - 'informant'
    January 14, 2004

  21. Protesters call for Gajraj to go
    January 13, 2004

  22. Boiling point
    January 12, 2004

  23. Minister Gajraj denies knowledge of alleged 'phantom gang' killings
    January 10, 2004

  24. Gajraj: Killing squad offer mere allegation
    January 10, 2004

  25. Hitmen 'still driving around'
    January 9, 2004

  26. `When blind man tell yuh...' -Protecting Enrico's sources
    January 9, 2004

  27. Man who says he was death squad informant speaks out
    January 8, 2004

  28. Bel Air hit remains mystery
    January 3, 2004

  29. Plain predictions - a time to pray
    December 28, 2003

  30. Gajraj admits meeting controversial figures, denies other connection
    December 21, 2003

  31. Police silent on murder of former colleague
    December 12, 2003

  32. Ex-cop gunned down in Bel Air
    December 11, 2003

  33. Man executed in Bel Air shootout
    December 11, 2003

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